6 New Construction Industry Trends That Are Booming In 2018

Are you planning to construct a new home? How about home renovation? Why not follow the home designing trends that are picking up in 2018. In this blog, we have compiled some of the most common and attractive construction trends that are being preferred by most of the house owners in 2018.

1.Copper gutters

Let’s begin the trend list with a bold trend for 2018, installing copper gutters. If you prefer being classy then you could opt for copper gutters. Even though the renovation might be expensive, the elegance, uniqueness and durability make up for it. Usually gutter is one area of your home that does not get enough attention. Add drama to this section of the roof using copper fittings.

2.White cabinets

For decades rich, dark or white hardwood patterns have been adorning new homes however, there is a shift to coloured cabinets in 2018. Home builders and owners are choosing light wood or painted cabinets to renovate or construct the kitchen wares of new homes and for good reasons. As coloured or lightly painted cabinet popes out making the kitchen space standout from the rest. You can easily add personality to a kitchen and warm up a cool dining space.

3.Smaller homes

It could be because of the booming popularity of smaller homes or baby boomers are more into downsized home as they enter the zone of retirement, but there is a rise in the trends of considering smaller homes in 2018.

Even the younger generations are looking for smaller and more practical types of homes instead of choosing large and spacious houses. Those who prefer simplicity this particular style of designing is more popular among them as smaller houses can be organised with low amount of furniture, simpler lines and colours and low cost decors and accessories. Ask your associated construction companies in Young to consider such trend.

4.The return of the sunroom

If you are a fan of the 90s or grew up in that decade, good news!! Recent construction trends suggest, sunrooms are making a comeback in 2018. For a start sunroom adds the much-needed light and space that are missing from homes built in this decade. The best part of the sun room is that it can be used as anything that the owner feels beneficial. You can use it as a space for entertainment, games or family gatherings. It can also be used for green space since it invites plenty of natural lights to promote healthier plant growth.


Another surprising entrant in the list of the trendy construction preferences in 2018 includes mudrooms. The trend is expected to grow and continue beyond 2018. Usually positioned off the garage, mudrooms are incorporated with hooks, cubbies for storage purposes of outwears such as coats, boots, gloves and hats. Inclusion of mudrooms in a house is a clever way to turn your house more organised and efficient, if utilised properly.

6.Second Kitchen

Second kitchen or spice kitchen is a small and separate, enclosed kitchen that is constructed within a home and usually used for flavourful, ethnic cooking. According to surveys conducted by several construction company in Young, it is found that a second kitchen is being incorporated into their home design by many home owners in 2018.

This type of kitchens has separate ventilation system to prevent strong odours from travelling to the living room areas of a house. For ethnic or cultural cooking purposes, that require complex cooking methods, resulting in dirtier kitchen, this type of kitchen is perfect.