8 Affordable Cladding Techniques To Amazingly Transform The Exterior Of Your House

Everyone desires an attractive home with beautiful roof, exterior walls and garden. While purchasing a beautiful new house can be a quicker solution. However, you can opt for other affordable options to transform your house into your dream house.

There are various ways to brighten up the exterior of your house; cladding is one of the most convenient and effective ways to renovate your house. The process of cladding offers a wide range of options that are affordable and will make any house aesthetically much more appealing and pleasing.

What are the benefits of cladding?

Cladding is not just an aesthetic tool. It adds to the mechanical strength of a building forming a protective shield around the house.

• Covering your walls, façade, roof and canopies with cladding keeps it resistant against sunlight, moisture, rain, winds and pollutants.

• Non-clad buildings develop cracks and external damages much quicker than the cladded ones.

• Cladding acts as an excellent temperature regulator during summer and winter season.

• Durable and lasts up to 10 years without the needs of much repairing and maintenance.

• Last but not the list, cladded surface hardly requires regular washing, once in a few year is enough to maintain its elegance and freshness.

Here are the 12 most affordable and attractive cladding ideas that can make your home in Young locality much more attractive.

1. Stone cladding

Stone cladding is a top choice for any owner desiring a beautiful and sophisticated looking house. It is very easy to install and is essential for people preferring classic or vintage look.

2. Vinyl cladding

Besides introducing timber looks, vinyl cladding is very beneficial to a house. It can easily withstand the extreme Australian weather and does not break down with exposure to sun and rains. It offers a wide range of colour options and can save you plenty of exterior paintings.

3. Timber Weatherboards

It is one of the most commonly used cladding that is easy to install and is very affordable. The timber adds a natural layer of strength and attractiveness making it a top choice for cladding the exterior walls. In Australia, you can easily obtain timber weatherboards that range from Baltic pine to cypress pine.

However, regardless of its strength and attractiveness, this form of cladding requires an extra bit of attention and care. A periodic painting will certainly work and increase the lifespan and maintain the attraction.

4. Fiber Cement Cladding

It can be considered one of the most durable and low maintenance cladding options. Combination of wooden fiber, cement and sand makes this form of cladding highly durable than the other ones. You are provided with an enormous option of colours and styles to design the surroundings of your house and add that attractive glow that you desire.

5. Metal Cladding

Nowadays, majority of the home designers prefer metal cladding since, it is a perfect fit for the featured walls. It allows the entire house to be covered with unique colour and style combinations.
It can be combined with timber trim to enhance the warm and natural appearance of your house. If you are a fan of vintage styles then opt for old metal cladding techniques to make your house as appealing as the farms and country houses of the 18th and 19th centuries.

6. Brick cladding

Your mansion façade can be easily transformed using the wide range of colours and finishes offered by the process of brick cladding. The brick clad forms a thick and strong layer of exterior that is durable and attractive.
It has plenty of benefits for your house that includes:

• High-durability

• Non-toxic

• Can be easily recycled to produce fresher ones

• Resistant to fire

• High thermal efficiency

7. Tile cladding

If you want to add a contemporary look to your house then tile cladding is the best option. It makes both the interior and exterior of your house elegant and trendy. Available in different shapes, sizes and uncountable amount of patterns to choose from it can easily be used to give your house the look your desire. These types of cladding are very durable and require minimal maintenance. It also acts as an efficient insulator saving energy and bills.

8. Glass Cladding

Just like tiles, glasses can be available in various shapes, sizes and design that can be tempered, curved, enamelled and laminated to add to its versatility. Glass cladding can definitely add modern appearance to your houses at a very affordable price. You can easily add intrigue to your houses and make it stand out from the crowd.