All You Need To Know About Custom Home Building

Have you made up your mind about building a new home? It is obvious that as a potential home buyer you have explored several pre-existing houses on the market. While exploring the pre-existing property options it is likely that they did not match your preferences, needs and wants in terms of design, layout and other features. Now that you have realised that building a custom home from scratch would resolve your concerns, it is important to understand the various aspects of custom home building. So, if you are looking for a custom home builder in Boorowa, don’t look further than Mell Built Homes. No matter what your needs and preferences are, our highly experienced team of architects, designers and builders will make your house building dreams into reality.

From financing and planning to designing and construction, here we have described all the facets of custom home building that you need to know.

Hiring a Home Builder Boorowa

Made up your mind on building a custom home? The first thing you need to do is hire a reputed and experienced home builder in Boorowa. As soon as you secure financial backing, you need to talk to architects and builders. In most cases, both the parties work together while home construction companies like Mell Built Homes does it all – from planning and designing to construction. Not choosing to work with an experienced home building firm could turn your project into a nightmare.

Financing About Home Building

You need to understand that the financial requirements will depend on whether you are buying a pre-existing property or building a custom home from scratch. When buying a pre-existing house, the overall cost only includes the existing structure and surrounding land. On the contrary, when building a custom home you have a different financial model as the overall cost encompasses several other factors:

  • Overall cost of all the materials.
  • Buying the land.
  • The cost of designing and building the house.
  • All fixtures, appliances, and accessories inside.
  • Site preparation and construction.

You need to procure a construction loan before taking on a custom home building project. Having a loan sanctioned will ensure your project gets completed on time and without any problems.

Home Building Budget and Planning

You have to figure out how much you can afford. After finalising your budget and financing options, you need to work in tandem with your home builder in Boorowa for drafting the home building plan – keeping in mind your vision. Without a proper plan, you could face unnecessary delays and end up spending more. Everything needs to be planned beforehand. In the planning stage, you need to finalise every minute detail: the number of floors your building will have, which materials to use, the floor plan and more. You need to discuss every detail with our team of designers and builders to get proper clarity on how structural changes may impact the cost and what needs to be done or avoided.

Land and Design of Your Property

The next big step is drawing the architectural plan and designs. To ensure everything is managed in a hassle-free manner, you need to share your vision with our licensed and experienced team of architects and designers. The architectural plan needs to be finalised in accordance with the nature and type of land on which you are building your home. At Mell Built Homes, our team conducts on-site inspections to not only figure out the structural issues but also to make sure how much pre-construction work needs to be done, where the basic utilities like the driveway or the sewer system should be placed and more. It is mandatory to finalise a house design that has semblance with the land. Our designers and builders provide expert advice and full assistance in creating a design that not only matches your vision but also suits the surrounding land.

Site Preparation and Construction

Site preparation is the first phase of any construction project. From clearing the land of trees and debris to levelling the ground for building and digging a hole to create the foundation – everything should be managed in a hassle-free manner. For building the foundation, concrete is poured over the hole dug during the excavation phase. Usually, the concrete takes 1-3 weeks to set in. From here on, the entire structure – including your basement, underground plumbing, floors, and water and sewer lines gradually take shape.

Are you looking for a custom home builder in Boorowa? At Mell Built Homes, our builders use high-end equipment, technologically advanced tools, top-quality materials, and high safety standards to complete your custom house building project on time and within your budget. Whether you want to build single storey, double storey or an acreage design – we have got you covered.