Why You Should Build a New Home

When buying a new home in Canberra you are making a large financial investment, and are also investing in your standard of living and lifestyle. You will live in and enjoy this home for several years. Making a choice on whether to purchase off the plan, buy an existing home, or build a new home built can be hard.

Having your new home built has many advantages. Here are some of the benefits:

You Can Build Your Dream Home

When you have your home built specifically for you, you can choose your own unique design. When choosing home plans Canberra residents are selecting a design that they will love.It is not necessary to settle on features that are not exactly to your taste. There is no need to compromise! At Mellbuilt homes, we have 50 home designs for Canberra homeowners to choose from!

Quality Home Builders

When you hire a quality home builder your home will be constructed soundly. You have input at each step of the building process. When choosing home builders Canberra residents need to ensure that the builders are fully licensed, professional and experienced.


As quality home builders Canberra region we find that an important factor for buyers is that there are no up-front maintenance costs when you buy a new home. You will not need to pay for any repairs to hot water systems, wiring, plumbing or guttering. Everything is new and in good working order!

You know that there are no termite issues with a new home and that there will not be any existing structural problems with the house.

First Home Owners Grant

The first home owners grant of $7,000 is available for new home design Canberra areas. There is no grant available for existing homes.

Building a new home means that you save money on maintenance costs, and will receive to the first home owner grant if you are eligible. You will absolutely love the style and design of your home, and know that it is soundly constructed.Contact us at Mellbuilt Quality Home Builders Canberra for more information.