Single Storey Home Young, Boorowa

Planning for a new single storey home Young, Boorowa area? Search in Mellbuilt Homes catalogue for unique new styles with impressive benefits. We present complementary home plans depending on your lifestyle, block size and budget.

Unique single storey home designs in competitive rates!

A single storey house has a much lower outlay than double storey buildings in that area. We make no compromise when it comes to safety and mobility of the houses. A family with infants and elderly parents can comfortably reside in these dwellings without any risk factor.

Are single storey houses a better option?

Melbuilt Homes has over fifty single storey home plans for people waiting for an address in Young and Boorowa region. Each of them has their own styles with distinct benefits that inspire you to opt for single storey houses.

  • Single-storeys are comfy for summers as keeping it cool is much easier.
  • Electricity bills are always cheaper for families dwelling in single storeys
  • You never need to mount or invest on a second heat pump unit
  • Ceilings for single storey homes are always higher than double storeys
  • Single storeys look spacious and airy with apt ventilation systems
  • Television and music sounds are better audible in single storey residents
  • Single storey home plans are secure and safe for family owning a pet

We are always a step ahead with our exclusive home plans

We understand your concern on choosing a perfect dwelling for your family and so we stock our directory with amazing home plans. You can easily accommodate the weekend guests, the lovable pets and your family in these spacious single storey residents in Young and Boorowa.

We design at least three bedrooms to at most six bedrooms with suitable bathroom, kitchen and study room plans. Our plans also include multiple garages and beautifully decorated outdoor areas for your family to relax in the leisurely hours.

Contact us NOW to discuss on your preferable home plan!

  • We are a NSW licensed builder.

  • We provide piece of mind with HIA.